Health Awareness

If you would like more information regarding thyroid disorders please check the link below.

View the Lifesouth link to find out more information about donating blood at the local donation center or where their drives are located. For other blood donor options please contact the Red Cross at (334) 749-9981.


Celebrate American Heart Month! Wear red to help bring awareness to a healthy heart. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has very helpful information for heart health.


The CDC has two links that we recommend for Colon Cancer. One is informative and the other helps with screening information. Both are good for viewing to gain better understanding and information.

If you are or someone you know is affected by multiple sclerosis, check the link to understand more about this disease. Wear orange (for MS) and blue (for colon cancer) to show your support and it's also a great way to display your colors for a certain football team.


Many children and families are affected by autism in our community, please review this doctor recommended website to help you with better understanding and up to date treatments.

Organ donation is not a topic we normally think about, but now is the time to consider being an organ donor. The link below will help you with the process and answer any questions you may have.


Check out the website to know the signs of a stroke and how exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent a stroke.

The summer is here and you need to be aware of how to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


We all remember having those scoliosis screenings at school - now you can learn more about scoliosis through their website.

July - God Bless America


The CDC offers information regarding the importance of immunizations during every stage of your life. From childhood to adolescence, college years, and even what you may need in adulthood.


One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, please take a look at the website to see the latest in research and information. Sky blue is the color to wear this month to help support the cause.


Remember to think PINK. The website below is full of information as well as having several links to other breast cancer sites.

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


We are overflowing with ways to support and learn about health awareness. Lung and pancreatic cancer have touched many of our lives here at Family Medicine, as well as those of our patient's. The websites below will help you to understand these cancers better.

Alzheimer's has increased significantly over the years and the website can tell you about new research and offers ways to support caregivers for this difficult disease.

The epilepsy site explains the different seizure types and first aid for seizures. They are often frightening for bystanders, but this site will help you to better understand and help the person in need.

Diabetes is also on the rise in America, please look at the website for healthy eating habits and great recipes..


This is often a stressful month for everyone, and it also keeps us busy with holiday festivities. Unfortunately it is also a time when people drink more. We ask that you look at these sites to help with ways to avoid drinking and driving. Wear a red ribbon to support Drunk Driving Prevention Month.